"M3GAN" opens with USD30.2 million at the US box office

Oh, big whoop
Oh, big whoop

10 Jan – After poor box office opening numbers for Hollywood movies throughout the holidays (except for "Avatar: The Way of Water", of course), the New Year brings a happier news for new thriller, "M3GAN", which did better at the box office than expected.

The movie, which was projected to open to USD20 million in the US, actually made USD30.2 million in its opening weekend. It also generated USD14.8 million internationally, with an accumulated total of USD45 million.

Nobody can come between you and me, luv
Nobody can come between you and me, luv

"Blumhouse and James Wan's Atomic Monster delivered an incredible film. It's fun, it's scary, it's thrilling. Word-of-mouth is through the roof," Jim Orr, Universal's president of domestic distribution, stated.

"M3GAN", short for "Model 3 Generative Android", follows the eponymous artificially intelligent doll that develops self-awareness and becomes hostile to anyone who comes between her and her human companion.

On the other hand, "Avatar: The Way of Water" has now become the seventh biggest movie in history with USD 1.708 billion globally, and it hasn't even been a month since its release.

"The Way of Water" is currently number 7 in highest grossing film of all time list

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