Michelle Yeoh is the new face of Balenciaga

The actress' ambassadorship got mixed reactions due to the brand's past controversy
The actress' ambassadorship got mixed reactions due to the brand's past controversy

13 Nov - Michelle Yeoh recently announced that she is now the brand ambassador of Balenciaga.

The Malaysian-born Hollywood star shared the news on social media on 10 November with a photo of her clad in a Balenciaga dress and handbag, writing, "I am thrilled to join @balenciaga as their brand ambassador."

She also posted two more photos, and wrote, "Wearing Balenciaga makes me value the artistry and craftsmanship behind every piece. The brand embodies a sense of originality and relevance while always remaining true to its heritage as a couture atelier. It is an [honour] to partner with @balenciaga"

While some fans are elated with the news, others were not amused. Many stated that Michelle shouldn't have supported a brand that was previously accused of promoting paedophilia, while others claimed that Balenciaga promotes Israel.

One netizen wrote, "It's a shame you have chosen to represent Balenciaga out of all the Fashion houses out there to lend your talent, beauty and fame too. Your management company/yourself have got it wrong on this one. No one forgets child abuse."

"So they're using someone with apparently 'good morals' to distance themselves from all the pedo ad campaigns? I saw Michelle in Crouching Tiger and instantly fell in love. Sad to see her involved with a company like this," said another.

Balenciaga was slammed for their disturbing ads
Balenciaga was slammed for their disturbing ads

Last year, the fashion house was slammed for their Spring/Summer 2023 ad campaign, in which they had young children pose with teddy bears wearing BDSM bondage gear. It was made worse by another campaign that also featured copies of what appear to be documents from the Supreme Court case United States v. Williams, a ruling that upheld the PROTECT Act, which increased federal protections against child pornography.

Balenciaga has apologised for the ad and took down the said ad campaigns.

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