Chad Stahelski to helm Henry Cavill's "Highlander"

The few who remain will battle to the last
The few who remain will battle to the last

18 Jan – "John Wick" director Chad Stahelski will be helming the upcoming highly-anticipated film, "Highlander".

The movie, which will be a reimagining of the 1986 Christopher Lambert-starrer and has been developed by the director since 2016, already has "Superman" actor Henry Cavill attached to star.

The movie was greenlit as part of a new deal between Stahelski and Lionsgate, where the director will focus on "Highlander" as well as his hit Keanu Reeves-starrer, "John Wick".

Henry Cavill will star in
Henry Cavill will star in "Highlander"

"This deal expands on the great creative relationship we already have in place on John Wick and extends it to our Highlander franchise," said Joe Drake, the outgoing chair of the Lionsgate Motion Picture Group and Adam Fogelson, chair of the MPG.

Said Stahelski, "I am pleased to be able to grow my relationship with Lionsgate in this new oversight role... I'm so happy to also be launching another franchise with Highlander, a world that is so rich with engaging stories to be told."

Chad Stahelski is most known for his
Chad Stahelski is most known for his "John Wick" series of films

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