John Woo: "Silent Night" has more realistic action

John Woo and Joel Kinnaman on the set of
John Woo and Joel Kinnaman on the set of "Silent Night"
4 Dec - John Woo recently stated that his Hollywood comeback entry, "Silent Night" is not like his previous notable works.

The Hong Kong filmmaker, who helmed the action flick starring Joel Kinnaman, stated that he is now going for the realistic route when it comes to filming the movie, rather than his usual martial arts-like gunfights.

"The biggest difference for me now is that the action should be realistic. It should serve the drama. In the past, my action was pretty much supposed to be entertaining," he said, in an interview with THR. "[Akira] Kurosawa has said that if a fight scene is without the human element, then the action means nothing. So that's what made me change and get more realistic.

He also stated that Silent Night's action looks more realistic and more powerful, and that it gives the audience more of a feeling instead of just being entertaining.
Action speaks louder than words as
Action speaks louder than words as "Silent Night" has no dialogue
In the same interview, Woo was asked about the sequel of his hit movie, "Face/Off" that is in the works now, to which he said that he has never envisioned a continuation of the story.

"I once thought that if I ever had a chance to make a Face/Off sequel, I would like it to star two female characters. Two women exchange faces to do something. So, I suggested it to the studio, but they didn't pay much attention to it," he said.
John Woo had wanted to do a female-centric
John Woo had wanted to do a female-centric "Face/Off"
The director with his
The director with his "Face/Off" stars, John Travolta and Nicolas Cage

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