Plot revealed for "Finding Dory"

"Finding Dory" finds its plot.

11 Dec – Pixar President Jim Morris has provided new details regarding the studio's upcoming sequel to one of its most successful films, "Finding Nemo", Collider reports.

"Finding Dory", for starters, will not be set in the ocean. The sequel picks up six months after the first movie with Dory living a peaceful life among the clown fishes. One day, after going with Nemo on a class trip to see manta rays migrate back home, the forgetful fish feels homesick and starts on a journey to find out where she came from.

"The movie will be mostly set at the California Marine Biology Institute, where Dory was born and raised," Morris revealed.

The film's setting was changed after Pixar screened Gabriela Cowperthwaite's controversial Sea World documentary "Blackfish", which tells the abuse of orcas at Sea World. The change is to show that the sea creature characters have the ability to leave the park if they wish to do so.

Ellen DeGeneres returns as Dory (Photo source:

Ellen DeGeneres will return to voice Dory. So will Albert Brooks who will be voicing Marlin once again. Dory's parents will be voiced by Eugene Levy and Diane Keaton. Ty Burrell will also be joining the cast, as the voice of a Beluga whale named Bailey.

"Finding Nemo" was released in North American cinemas on 30 May 2003, opening at number one. It currently ranks at number two as the highest grossing Pixar film, with a total gross of USD339 million worldwide.

"Finding Dory" is set to find its way into cinemas on 16 June 2016.