Kidnapped child that inspired Peter Chan's movie "Dearest" has been found

The filmmaker is dissatisfied with the last three adaptations of the highly popular novel
Their child has been found after a heart wrenching 14-years

9 Dec – Remember "Dearest"? The 2014 Peter Chan movie starring Zhao Wei and Zhang Yi based on the true story of a couple whose toddler son disappeared?

Well, here's some wonderful news: after missing for 14 years, it was reported that the real father and son are now reunited.

In an announcement made by the police of Guangdong, Shandong and Hubei, it was revealed that they were able to nab the suspects involved in the kidnapping of then four-year-old Sun Zhuo and two other children, and that the victim, who is now 18, has recently been reunited with father Sun Haiyang and his mother Peng Siying.

He never stopped looking for his son

The 18-year-old was reportedly found via new technologies coupled with good old-fashioned police work, with the local police discovering that Sun had been taken care of by a couple named Guo in Shandong.

Back in 2003, Sun Zhuo was lured by a stranger in the street with a toy car and was taken away, followed by two other children of similar ages within the same year. His parents had never stopped looking for him, which attracted the attention of many, including director Peter Chan, who decided to turn their story into a movie in 2014.

Peter, who found out about the reunion, wrote online, "I received messages from friends and saw the news clips about Sun Haiyang's family reunion. I burst into tears as I was happy for him. This news is more touching than any scenes of the movie."

Zhang Yi, who played the character who was based on Sun Haiyang, said, "Thinking of the day we first met, his pain made me speechless. Today, finally, I was crying as I watched the live broadcast. I had mixed feelings. But what I want to say the most is, congratulations to the Sun Haiyang family, and I hope that there will be no more cases such as this in the future."

A scene from "Dearest"

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