"Iron Man 3" director to helm "Predator" reboot

"Iron Man 3" writer-director, Shane Black is set to direct the reboot film of "Predator".

25 Jun – The famous classic sci-fi action film, "Predator" will be getting a reboot from 20th Century Fox as the studio has tapped "Iron Man 3" writer-director, Shane Black to lead the film.

The original "Predator" film directed by John McTiernan was produced in 1987 and Black had a small role in the film as Rick Hawkins, one of the elite team members under Major Alan "Dutch" Schaefer played by Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Black's role as Rick Hawkins in the 1987 "Predator" film.

There are a total of two sequels to the original "Predator" film, "Predator 2" in 1990 and "Predators" in 2010. Also, there are two additional crossover sequels of the film with the "Alien" franchise, "Alien vs Predator" in 2004 and "Alien vs Predator: Requiem" in 2007.

Hollywood Reporter also reported that Black will write the treatment for the film and later hand the scripting to Fred Dekker, the director and writer of "RoboCop 3" and also Black's co-writer in the 1987 film "Monster Squad".