"Joker" director wants a Batman movie set in his gritty Gotham City

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The director of 2019's "Joker" would like to see a Batman movie set in his version of Gotham City.

6 Jan – With the phenomenal success of his 2019 "Joker", director Todd Phillips can't run away from the question of whether he will be reteaming with Joaquin Phoenix for a sequel. He's been coy on that front but recently, he did voice his interest in seeing another movie set in his version of Gotham City.

"It's a beautiful Gotham. What I would like to see someone tackle is what Batman looks like from that Gotham," said Phillips to Variety's Marc Malkin, at the Palm Springs International Film Festival.

However, he added, "I'm not saying I'm going to do that. What was interesting to me about the inclusion of Batman in our movie was, 'What kind of Batman does that Gotham make?' That's all I meant by that."

While his "Joker" is not set in any shared cinematic universes with other current DC/Warner Bros. movies, the idea of making a Batman-focused movie set in his gritty city might be a good expansion to his Joker universe, if in the end he and Phoenix, who starred as the titular supervillain, decide not to do a direct sequel.

The director was at the film festival to accept the Variety's Creative Impact in Directing Award. He might soon receive another award because at the time of writing, the 77th Golden Globe Awards is taking place in California and he is competing in the Best Director category for his work on "Joker".

(Photo source: Screen Rant)

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