Guillermo del Toro would love to adapt Stephen King's "Pet Sematary"

The filmmaker is dissatisfied with the last three adaptations of the highly popular novel
The filmmaker is dissatisfied with the last three adaptations of the highly popular novel

9 Dec – Horror and fantasy auteur Guillermo del Toro has a dream project that he would love to do - that is adapting one of Stephen King's most beloved title, "Pet Sematary".

The filmmaker, known for movies like "The Shape of Water", "Crimson Peak" and "Pan's Labyrinth", recently shared in a Stephen King-themed podcast, "The Kingcast" that adapting the said 1983 novel would be a great project for him, especially after becoming a parent himself.

"Because it not only has the very best final couple of lines, but it scared me when I was a young man. As a father, I now understand it better than I ever would have, and it scares me. A hundred times more," he said.

The novel, which has been adapted a few times including the 2019 remake by Kevin Kölsch and Dennis Widmyer, tells the story of a family, who finds out that there is an ancient burial ground near their new home that can revive a life.

The filmmaker has a different perspective of the book after becoming a father

"For me, the best scene in that book is when [Louis] opens Gage's coffin, and for a second he thinks the head is gone, because this black fungi from the grave has grown like a fuzz over the kid's face," he said. "I think you cannot spare those details and think that you're honouring that book. One of the things I thought about Pet Sematary that we would do in post is when the dead return, when Gage returns, I'd spend an inordinate amount of money taking out the sheen from his eyes. So that the eyes are dull."

While del Toro is deliberating whether or not he will adapt the novel, fans of the filmmaker can enjoy his next title, "Nightmare Alley", which will be released on 17 December.

The latest remake of "Pet Sematary" was released in 2019

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