Tarantino or Burton for Queens

Writer: Dzamira Dzafri

Queens of the Stone Age animation to be a feature-length film.

15 Jun – Alternative rock band Queens of the Stone Age wants to turn their animation from their videos created for songs on their new album "...Like Clockwork" into a feature-length film.

Major Hollywood executives are reported to have already approached the band to make a movie based on the animation in their videos created by graphic designer Boneface.

Producers are aiming to get a big-name director such as Quentin Tarantino or Tim Burton to be involved in the project, as well as the album's numerous musical guest stars, which include Foo Fighter's Dave Grohl, Elton John and Arctic Monkeys' Alex Turner.

A still from the Queens of the Stone Age's video animation.

While Tarantino already has a huge cult following, the five animated videos created by graphic designer Boneface already have that Tim Burton style and the new album by Queens of the Stone Age "...Like Clockwork" certainly has a Burton-esque feel as commented by online fans.

The album came out just recently on 3 June and so far Boneface has created animated videos for five of its songs, that include "My God Is The Sun", "If I Had A Tail", "Kalopsia", "I Appear Missing" and "Keep Your Eyes Peeled".

Cinema Online, 15 June 2013

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